Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Video Spinback Madonna - Everybody

Today marks Madonna's 59th birthday (August 16, 1958) and we celebrate by going back into time to 1982, as the then new and unknown pop artist dropped her debut single, "Everybody" but not before having to beg a New York DJ to play her demo which entailed her signing to Sire Records and the rest is Pop history.

The video for "Everybody" is a low budget shoot, due to her label originally promoting her as an R&B "Black" artist and going as far to not include Madonna's image on the record cover but to Madonna's pursuassion the label gave in and hired director Ed Steinberg to film a video at New York nightclub, Paradise Garage for a price of  $1500. The video was sent out to nightclubs and TV video shows and the nation discovered, Madonna sending "Everybody" to a respectful No. 3 on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Happy Birthday Madonna and thank you for this Pop/Dance gem!

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