Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Toni Braxton Talks New Album ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ & New Lifetime Movie On ‘Sway’

Legend and unique signature vocal prodigious Toni Braxton sashayed through radio veteran show Sway In The Morning to spill the tea on her first-time endeavors as a producer, plus starring in a new Lifetime movie ‘Faith Under Fire’. The  intriguing  film's synopsis is about, "Antoinette Tuff, a single mom from Georgia who saved hundreds of lives when she convinced a gunman with a mental illness, who stormed a Decatur, GA, elementary school in 2013 to abandon his plan."

Toni also unveils her plans to unleash her forthcoming 8th studio album, ‘Sex & Cigarettes’! This is the part of the interview where it gets really yummy gals and gents. Toni innocently flirts with Sway mentioning in a very nonchalant manner that she would have in fact dated Sway, if it were the 90s. Say what?! Lol. This comes from a two-decade years-long obsession and admiration Sway has openly and proudly admitted having on Toni. Get the entire backstory and rest of the funny banter right below!

In honor of her empress, here's a handful of yummy gummi tributes to look back on in homage to the legendary Toni herself. Brace yourselves you're in for some temperature rising soulful rhythms. Like I always say honey muffins, "If the love doesn't feel like 90's R&B I don't want it." And trust me, you want everything that's right down below!

"Unbreak My Heart/Makin' Me High" Live (1997)

"Another Sad Love Song" on 8th Annual Soul Train Music Awards (1994)

"Breathe Again" Grammy's Live

NBA Halftime Show

"He Wasn't Man Enough" Live

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