Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Amy Schumer Unleashes Her Hilarious New Film ‘I Feel Pretty’

Funny silly gal Amy Schumer deals with being undeniably pretty in her hilarious new comedy film ‘I Feel Pretty’. Will her character, who bumps her head in Soul Cycle class and then magically sees herself as undeniably gorgeous. Amy Schumer might not be considered to some haters out there on planet wannabe's conventionally beautiful, whatever that means?

But this a happy go lucky, feel-good romantic comedy where you can take a fun mental checkout vacation for a few hours. It's set to be released in theatres on June 29th just in time for summa summa summa time! But before all that let's all take a seat and mellow yellow out for a minute and take in the beauty that is thee upcoming Spring season.

The "I Feel Pretty" trailer was unveiled on an even more funny appearance on Ellen's talk show!

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