Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Favorite-Favorite All Time Favorites: Bernadette Peters Edition

What do you do when you're 5 years old and you have an epiphany realizing your traditional Italian last name is too long to fit on your future Broadway marque? Well, naturally you change it of course darlings. At least that's the case when you're stage icon, colossal knockout all-around marvelous true craftsman entertainer and thee original toast of Broadway, Miss Bernadette Peters!

Miss Peters is another prénom added to our special collector's edition of  Favorite-Favorite All Time Favorites! There's always been a little something ethereal you know and slightly mysterious about Bernadette. A sort of what do the townspeople-commoners say, elusive chanteuse?

Born Bernadette Lazzara on February 28th, 1948. Actress, singer, author, stage legend, you name it,  a career that has spanned over a monstrous five decades. Starring in musical theatre, films, television, concerts, and recordings she is revered as one of the most critically acclaimed performers in history.

She has this glitter bomb of obvious born-this-way talent. It's that class act where DNA and conscious sophistication, discipline, and dazzle of determination that sets her apart. An innate passion that pioneers and trendsets this marvelous one-of-a-kind artist. A type of singer that interprets pieces of musique differently in all its various genres and style. Which what I would say to you itsnotyouitsme loyal mates, that's what truly really makes music interesting!

She can be both the cotton candy gal next door or the little silly sly devil on your shoulder, either which character she chooses to embark, she is sure to allure and enchant, leaving her audience with future memories forevermore.

Scope out Miss Peters on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where the weekly host continuously praised and gushed profusely over his profound adoration and admiration for his guest. Rightfully so, feeling the butterflies of appreciation, Bernadette shares sweet reminiscent tales of the past while always relating to looking towards the future.

Bernadette Peters 1960's "Self Improvement"

"Broadway Baby"

"Last Midnight" - Into The Woods (1991)

Bernadette and The Muppets - Just One Person

Musical Movies Medley - Little Miss Nobody

On RuPaul!

"You Could Drive A Person Crazy"

"Some People"

"Hello, Little Girl"

"Broadway Baby" On "The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson"

"I'll Be Seeing You"

"No One Is Alone"

Winning 1986 Tony's

Here's a true talent doing talented vocalizations!

1960's Commercial

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