Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hot Tramp I Crush On You So...Musician Cutie Patootie Elias Bender!

Elias Bender is that young exhuberant moody mysetrious enigma lead singer of a hunk. He's got that powerful punk punch vocal growl for a new generation. The sex on legs frontman leads the alternative rock band "Iceage" They're a Danish group of mates from Copenhagen forming around 2008 when they were only teenage dreams with late night whispers of musical fantasies.

Fast forward a decade later. Now at 25 senoir Elias Bender returns after a 4 year hiatus since embarking on various side project endeavors. The Danish quartet soft then sometimes gnarly aggressive punk edge with folky ting sums up the bands musicality style on our terms, as always.

Dig out all thee rock n roll electricity right below gals and sweets!

Steroegum.com reports the track as...“Catch It” is a slow-chugging track that teases a more polished version of Rønnenfelt’s typical mumbling vocals. Its dazed, hallucinogenic visual features many close-ups of Rønnenfelt’s face and cameos from Twin Peaks actor David Dastmalchian and his daughter. Adam Hashemi directs."


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