Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Arcade Fire Invade "SNL"

Alrighty O' gals and gents, Arcade Fire have followed up last week's release of their new video single "Put Your Money On Me" with their first live performance of thee bombastic bop. Ahead of a continuous lengthy tour, the saucy sassy group delivers an atmospheric double whammy for thee Saturday Night Live show audience.

The longtime running program marked thee band’s fifth performance in total. Their very first appearance dating back to 2006. The year also happens to coincide of when we last saw prosper, the underground dance club circuit era, known as the club kid's scene (Party Monster, Purple Rain, Empire Records, Spice World, Almost Famous, Studio54 etc). It was and to date still is the last proper revival we've seen of it's kind in all of its multiple reinventions throughout generations. Known as thee era's most decadent times, where it's sub-cultures, groundbreaking pioneering styles, and music have seen shape commercial influence and equity.

We shall always hold near and dear these special decades we, fortunately, were born to live, filled with thrilling and otherworldly parties!

Alas, a band like Arcade Fire helped head spear the birthing of the mixology of transcendent sonics (along w/The Strokes, YYY'S, Peaches, The Rapture, The Faint etc) and a trillion other like-minded genre-defying artists.

Performing two shiny tunes off their 2017 record "Everything Now." First up, the alt-rockers strutted “Creature Comfort,” while in sleek metallic gold suits. Looking quite dapper-dandy, complete with strobe lights and smoke circulating the graphic lit stage. The band later abandoned the gold ensembles. In came the slot machines. Fit and mint with a perfect stage presence for their epically far out performance of their classic “Put Your Money on Me”!

Mexican Producer Salon Acapulco Unleashed "Rumba" On Our Boogie Arses!

Mexican producer/engineer, Salon Acapulco, unleashed on our boogie boots his brand spanking new single entitled "Rumba"! The tune is a perfect soundtrack to a dream sequence one could only have after a night of partying. Like warm butter pecan pie on Christmas morning, this super uptempo track delivers a fresh new perspective with a cherry on top, on the otherwise redundant sounding dance/house electronic genre.

Strap on your disco stilettos and perfume your neck. Get your mink stole to wear and get ready too cut a groove carebears right below!

Mc Fioti, Future, J. Balvin, Stefflon Don, Juan Magan In "Bum Bum Tam Tam" !!!

Let's continue the dance party you crazy loose hip shaking monkeys. Our next eargasmic pleasures are brought to us by a plethora of urban hip-hop artists coming from both stateside and international. Featuring the likes of Mc Fioti, Future, J. Balvin, Stefflon Don, Juan Magan. in "Bum Bum Tam Tam".

Now English DJ, record producer, and remixer Jax Jones has joined the chusma adding his unique signature sprinkle to thee already diverse group. The quintet marinated their flavors with the perfect funk seasoning that officially sets this lit remix of “Bum Bum Tam Tam," as another contender for our predictions of "Song of the Spring".

Roger Daltrey – “As Long As I Have You”

Classic rock legend icons The Who last unleashed a record some 15 years ago in the mid 00's. Now frontman extraordinaire Roger Daltrey is singing a different tune fortunately for us psychedelic rock fanatics. In collaboration with Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson, titled "As Long As I Have You" is a real groovy ditty.

Though the album is indeed a Daltrey solo gig, seven of the tunes also feature his longtime partner n crime Pete Townshend on guitar. So basically honey bears its close to like new music from the Who, but the musique here isn't what you might quickly associate with The Who unless you go way back to their earliest days.

Daltrey’s influence is 60s mod soul with a modern pop/rock twist. The album is a mixture of new compositions and sonics of tunes that have inspired Daltrey over the decades. From Stevie Wonder to
other's alike, the following is what Daltrey had to say about the upcoming record:

"This is a return to the very beginning, to the time before Pete [Townshend] started writing our songs, to a time when we were a teenage band playing soul music to small crowds in church halls. That’s what we were, a soul band. And now, I can sing soul with all the experience you need to sing it. Life puts the soul in. I’ve always sung from the heart but when you’re 19, you haven’t had the life experience with all its emotional trials and traumas that you have by the time you get to my age. You carry all the emotional bruises of life and when you sing these songs, those emotions are in your voice. You feel the pain of a lost love. You feel it and you sing it and that’s soul. For a long time, I’ve wanted to return to the simplicity of these songs, to show people my voice, a voice they won’t have heard before. It felt like the right time. It’s where I am, looking back to that time, looking across all those years but also being here, now, in the soulful moment."

Townshend was also noted saying that "As Long As I Have You" shows Roger at the height of his powers as a vocalist!

Kathy Griffin: Laugh Your Head Off | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Fuuny gal comedian Kathy Griffin joins Bill Maher to fairly and rightfully discuss her time in exile and her return to the stage alas!

If Trump can be President and continue to insult anyone at any time then Kathy can be on television. Big ups to Bill for having her on as well as.

Click on all the silly banter and tea spilling right below.

John Paul Ospina - Like Children Again

Born September 2nd in 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we introduce you love buggers to Colombian singer, songwriter, actor and TV host,  John Paul Ospina. He is well known for his participation on shows like Latin American Idol (Season 1), and/or hosting the Latin version of E! News for E! Entertainment Television Latin America.

Serving fresh indie pop-pyscheleic rock influence on his new jam "Like Children Again", below is a groovy far out tune that is giving us all the right feels in all thee right places!

Luka Isaac Stars in ODDA Magazine Spring Summer 2018 Issue

"ODDA Magazine enlists up and comer Luka Isaac at KMA to star in I Want to be Free story captured for their 14th edition by fashion photographer Vito Fernicola. In charge of styling was Diletta Bonaiuti, with set design from Louis Burguet, and casting direction by Seona Taylor-Bell. Grooming is work of beauty artist Giovanna Fucciolo." - Malemodelscene.net

Erik van Gils Models Gucci for GQ Australia March April 2018 Issue

"Top model Erik van Gils teams up with fashion photographer Jesse Lizotte for the pages of GQ Australia‘s March / April 2018 edition. In charge of styling was Olivia Harding, who for the session selected looks from Gucci. Grooming is work of Alan White." - Malemodelscene.net

Central station: James Parker for MMSCENE Magazine #21 Issue

"Up and comer JAMES PARKER stars in the newest story shot for our MMSCENE Magazine Issue 021 by LUKASZ WOLEJKO-WOLEJSZO.

James Parker is currently in Milan, where he is represented by d’men at d’management Group. Scroll down for more from our exclusive interview with James published in MMSCENE issue 021 (out now in print & digital):" - Malemodelscene.net

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