Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Alice Bag – “Se Cree Joven” Video

Punk legend Alice Bag has rocked our heart of glass as of late. We’ve listened too our favorite“77” already, and now the Los Angeles-based songstress is unleashing  another track from her upcoming album, “Se Cree Joven.”

Alice Bag had the following to say about thee entire process...“This song is based on a personal experience I had while shopping at ‘dollar store’ where a couple of women were talking about me and my appearance behind my back (they assumed I didn’t speak Spanish),” Bag explains. “Instead of giving them a piece of my mind, I walked away and let it fester until it became a song about not giving a shit what other people think.”

It's a yummy musique video featuring her fun far out friends at a vintage store to launch into a choreographed dance. Directed by Marisé Samitier, watch and dig out, all the lust for life fun right below!

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