Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dua Dips For Ellen On The Ellen Show!

Sexy pop kitten star Dua Lipa performed her hit tune "IDGAF" for The Ellen Show audience today. Sometimes in life musique speaks louder than words. In a world where delusion and obsessed stalkers are relentless, we have the beauty of musique in all its freedom and sanctuary. Always shelter from the rain and a platform where the truth is set free and cannot be manipulated by haters and Trump-likee minds.

"You call me all friendly
Tellin' me how much you miss me
That's funny, I guess you've heard my songs
Well, I'm too gone for your business
Go find a friend who wants to listen
'Cause if you think I was born yesterday
You have got me wrong

So I cut you off
I don't need your love
'Cause I already cried enough
I've been done
I've been movin' on since I said goodbye
So you can try all you want
Your time is up, I'll tell you why
You say you're sorry
But it's too late now
So save it, get gone, shut up

'Cause if you think I care about you now
Well, friend, I don't give a fuck
I remember that weekend
When I caught you creepin' on my phone,
tellin' lies to my friends I introduced you too.
So I made my decision
'Cause you made your bed, sleep in it
Play the victim and switch your position

I see you tryna' get to me
I see you beggin' on your knees
Boy, I don't give a fuck
So stop tryna' get to me
Tch, get up off your knees
'Cause, friend, I don't give a fuck
About you
No, I don't give a damn
You keep reminiscin' on when you were my friend
But I'm over you
Now you're all in the past

You talk all that sweet talk, but I ain't comin' back!"

And there you have it gals and gents!!! In all its lyrical thesis. ;)

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