Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MNEK’s “Tongue” IS ALL THAT!

Alright, carebears, we are strutting into mid-March and celebrating this months biggest club floor ready banger brought to us by MNEK, an English singers songwriter and record producer. If you'll recall back in 2016 we featured MNEK alongside ItNotYouItsMe favorite rising pop darling Swedish singer Zara Larsson. Both found first-time commercial success with their chart-topping collaboration, “Never Forget You.”

Now MNEK marks his first official solo introduction with his American audience debut. Strutting his new skank entitled, "Tongue", it's so reet you guys are gonna have to use your arms, legs, style, sidestep, imagination, whatever special talent you got to keep in rhythm with this explosively yummy new uptempo pop gem! "Tongue" has been spinning at our headquarters nonstop since last week. And today, we unleash to you an equally impeccably parred musique video for the tune.

In the clip, mister MNEK busts choreography inspired by Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". There's a sexy sleek dinner table backdrop, where lust and love loom all around. Its stellar, eye-gandering dark-moody wonderland motif is perfect for a tune that feels like the first authentic competitor for the title of Song of the Spring!

Some would say summer, but we here (for all you new readers to know) are groundbreakers, rule-breakers/innovators. Always on the cusp of what's radical and underground turned eventually commercial. We are always ahead of our time. While most people fear what they do not understand. We embrace and invigorate for the like-minded. We're not here for the casual listeners of the world, who are not real musique fans. Those ones that will sleep on a track until it becomes a trend to bandwagon.

"Tongues" is here now and it's ferocious and we cant quite the beat! Get ready for its pulsating chorus. It's inescapable monotone whispers. It's ooh la la hooks and bridges.

Scope it out boogie bots. As always press play, indulge, and remember life without preferred musique is a mistake!

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