Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lion Babe Performs "The Wave" Ft. Leikeli47 On The Rundown with Robin Thede

Alright, honey rockers since our last post on thee electrifying funky Lion Babe featured their brand spanking new tune "The Wave". Now we have in our musique paws a popup style concert visiting the BET show on the Rundown with Robin Thede! Groovy fresh and always supa-dupa innovative, thee New York duo delivered a soul train/nu dance-tinged performance.

It comes to no surprise since LionBabe have been a constant repeat at our headquarters for some 4 years now. We've grown accustomed to receiving a sweetly stellar track every year that'll have us remembering all over again why we adore the two musicians.

Cranking out their latest banger, singer Jillian Hervey and hottie mctoddie suave producer Lucas Goodman came out with a hot hot heated old-school swish slam dunk. It's 1970's funk with that impeccable current hip hop-wave contemporary sound.

Featured with masked rapper Leikeli47, whether you're getting ready to go out like us tonight( PSST astral lovers, in insider story here for yall. We're sidestepping and attending the Godfather of Dance Music Giorgio Moroder's Bday Party at The Globe in DT Los Angeles 4-26-18. Dripping in gold with the pioneers. Its gonna be one for the books. And we do not use that expression loosely around here. Jay Gatsby and )

Now catch “The Wave,” and get into this brilliant jazz. The artist's team up effortlessly and sleekly in this horn-soaked track. Scope out all the gnarly groove right below.

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