Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bernice – “He’s The Moon”

Toronto electronic pop experimentalists "Bernice" are about to unleash their full-length "Puff LP: In the air without a shape."

“He’s The Moon” is the title of the new single. And in a world where most folks try a little too hard to be something extra rather than just being themselves on purpose, so is NOT the case with the band Bernice. They're' truly quirky and eccentric in their sonics. Ethereal and whimsical yet bouncy and entertaining. The following is what the group had to say about their musical recording style process:

“We recorded this song at the Banff Centre, so we were very spoiled with gear and grand pianos and microphones and wonderful people with lots of ideas. But we wanted a song with lots of space, to give room to the mood,” songwriter/vocalist Robin Dann continued in a press release. “I wrote this song about an afternoon I spent with some great friends on the Magdalen Islands, off the coast of PEI. We just wandered around. We played shoe fling. As I wrote the song it evolved to encompass some other meanings as well, bigger thoughts, but mostly I was remembering seagulls flying past my head, and grass bent under the wind, and ocean all around.”

“He’s The Moon” is far out and enjoys authenticly deserved a place in the genre of indie-pop-experimental groups. Scope out all the airy abstraction with breezy basslines that eventually manifests into a gentle groove complete with piano, chimes, hippy-dippy loose noises, and beatboxing.

Dig it below...

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