Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Charlie Puth Chit Chats Weird Song Inspirations and Musique That Makes Him Cry!

Cutie Patootie Charlie Puth answers Beats 1’s questions about his favorite musical moments for their series "Chart Takeover. Listen to 'Voicenotes' on Apple Music."

Charlie Puth spills the tea about how his smash duet with pop princessa Selena Gomez, 'We Don't Talk Anymore,' was inspired by food poisoning.

Puth continued divulging by saying to the cameras: "I was overseas one time and got this horrible stomach pain just from this undercooked food. As I was moaning in bed in my hotel room, I came up with this really good song idea. And that song idea was ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore,' which is kind of strange."

The hunky dory singer also mentioned which songs make him cry, "A lot."

"'All By Myself' by Celine Dion, the David Foster arrangement. Before the third chorus, she’s singing in A-major and its all acapella and you’re like ‘Are they gonna do something?'" he adorably says while playing out air-drums. Awww he's such a bottom.

Watch the silly video below:

Charlie performing live Done For Me on The Today Show Live.

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