Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter Wrote a New Tune For Gaspar Noé's New Movie: Take An Ear Gander!

Icons Daft Punk may not be releasing new musique as of right now but you should be at least half as happy as a clam as you would be to find out that one half of the electronic duo is!  Thomas Bangalter, el senor with the horizontal screen.

Thomas recorded a new tune which will appear as a perfect replica of pioneering disco music.  A slice of 1970's heaven is set to Cerrone's iconic Supernatural as the backdrop score to the trailer. But word on the music block is, Thomas Bangalter's new song is entitled "Sangria". Groovy and delightfully danceable they say. This project was actually requested by director Gaspar Noé himself and his latest psychological thriller movie.

According to reports, its French cinema meets Daft Punk meets what kinda fuckery is this? Twisted themes and all, gals and gents enter the world of Gaspar Noé's new film!

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