Tuesday, May 15, 2018

John Maus - "Running Man"

Our current favorite synth-pop-darkwave artist John Maus has unleashed new musique. Since our last post in April, the vintage synthesizer Medieval church wizard released “Running Man,” an advance track off his upcoming new record Addendum, out this Friday.

This new album comes only a few months after his last full-length album. However, we're not complaining. Especially when this new single is as frantic, bouncy, moody and full of repetitive fun.  Reminiscent of our past favorites like "Bennington."

“Running Man” is high-energy 1980s dance floor ready nostalgia with a polished, contemporary coating.

John in his dark, luminous, lush and sparkling voice sings about a story on a test of endurance. “I am, I am the Running Man,” repeating over an unapologetically raw and at times perfectly muffled recording.

Get ready to bop your heads and press play below all you honey rockers!

"Bennington" Music Video.

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