Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Manchester's LUCAS "Anne Marie" New Musique Video!!!

Allow us to introduce you carebears to the band LUCAS. After making a name for himself around the UK as Johnny Lucas, the lead singer hailing from Manchester is geared up to take on the US with his new band, LUCAS. After performing such iconic festivals like the Isle of Wight and one of the last OG's, Glastonbury, Johnny is shooting for an even more stellar 2018 with his band’s debut EP.

LUCAS’ debut entitled High Wire is produced by Cage The Elephant's Lincoln Parish is if the first single "Anne Marie" is any indication of where the rest of the album is leading us then it's going to be a strong and yummy Brit Pop influence! Frontman Johnny Lucas’ exudes the aura of a 1960’s rock n roll god. Although he has a ton of American flavors as well. The group recorded at Talkboxrodeo (Lincoln Parish’s studio) on the outskirts of Nashville, TN

"Anne Marie" for which the band unleashed an accompanying video as well, is a testament to the deep UK roots and ability to capture the magic of past time while resuming to move and groove rock 'n' roll forward.

"Anne Marie" sonically is swiftly raw and wondrous. It feels like the track gets faster and faster as you continue listening on. It's  fun and refreshing. A blast from the past with an authentic new taint and hyper melodic glow.

Lead singer Lucas said in a press release promo: I  recall "Anne Marie" a turning point during the creation of the record. It was where Parish and I suddenly hit upon that Britpop psychedelia which definitely sums up a lot of the band's influences. It was such a fun song to write and record but playing it live is the best and I love watching people get into it!"

There you have it carebears and without further ado get ready to shake rattle n' roll and press play below!

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