Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shania Twain Roc N Rolls On TODAY's Concert Stage

The Queen Of Country/Pop (sharing throne w/ T-twizzle) came to get sassy fun and flirty to kick off the 2018 Citi Concert Series on the TODAY show plaza. When it comes to Country/Pop, going big is the only way to go and Queen Shania has never been a stranger to that concept.

This week Twain supported her most recent album "Now," as well as her legacy catalog by strutting a tailfeather to songs including "Any Man of Mine," "I'm Alright" and "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!"

Divulging to thee always embraceful and angelic spirit, supreme host Hoda, Shaina said: "I was so excited as we lead up to this. I'm just excited to bring everybody back together, play some new music for everybody and reunite over the music we've all been listening to all these years."

Lets quickly recap for all the bobbleheads of the world who quickly like to discredit, exploit, and delusionally shade legendary such artists. Twain has sold over 350 million records during her career, and 25 years later, the "Now" Tour begins on May 3 in Tacoma, Washington. She looks more graceful and more comfortable than ever in her own skin.

It's reflective of her performances on TODAY  and it 100% proves that Shania's still got the smooth sweet voice to invigorate and captivate an audience all around.

Scope out all of her videos from the show right below lambchops!


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