Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Young Fathers – “Toy” Musique Video

Brilliant Scottish alternative art-rap group Young Fathers recently unleashed their nuevo record entitled "Cocoa Sugar."  Now the innovative trio have focused their politically influenced new single with impeccable visuals and components.

Their new musique video for thee anthem “Toy,” is a tongue in cheek yet raw and honest subject matter. In all it's uptempo dance glory, the lyrics go: “You’re just a broken little toy, silly little boy.” The band boastfully declare along with edits of children impersonating dictators and presidents. Hmmm, wonder who they could be referring too?!? Lol.

The tune manifests into a sinister and bouncy clap-along chant when entering the chorus of the song. With alternative footage of various armies marching in unison only adds a cherry on top of this phenomenal visual piece.

Salomon Ligthelm is thee director that helmed the project and shared the following  explaining his vision:

"I found this comical image of Kim Jong Un in a crib playing with his toys and, when I heard “Toy” for the first time, that image came to mind immediately. The tone of the track is so visceral and abrasive, which I think marries the political subject matter perfectly. I honestly just really like the idea of seeing dictators behaving like spoilt little children – pissed with the world because things aren’t going their way. Looking at the political climate of our time, I’d say truth is certainly stranger than fiction."

Now dig it out and press play right below honey rockers...

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