Monday, June 4, 2018

ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - The Voidz

We hold a very special treasure trove of what we like to call, "favorite-favorite all-time favorites." It's basically a holy trinity list of pioneering-incomparable artists that are innately born with that extra pizzaz, that unique it-factor. One of those diety names is The Strokes frontman and all around sex on talented legs, Julian Casablancas! Swoon...

So this edition of our prestigious list of "Album Spin" is an extra prestigious one. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz just dropped their brilliant art-alternative mid-uptempo record "Virtue". Like the last 10 years, dip below and dig out the list of what believe to be the most genius tracks of Virtue. Less is more? More was a bore? Whatever thee intention behind this record was, one thing for damn sure it's ethereal, like brisk daydreams at times then ventures into moody experimental beats with pulsating instrumental sonics both live and with synths. You'll find Julian singing at his most happy-go-lucky self.

There are dance tunes like the ones perfect for your far-out fun friend who shows up to a hang out after having some yummy cocktails or after exhaling some green flowery caterpillar substance leading the night into an inevitable transcendent party. While everyone else (who we call bobbleheads) is checking the time more often than not, snapping boring pictures, being peanut butter and jelly jealous and wondering why cats like Julian and The Voidz and other like mind company are having such a blast.

His innately gifted lyrical rhymes and authentic sexy presence is ready to take center stage and dominance once again. Today our favorite tracks off Virtue. Hailing from NYC, thee following are a plethora of pulsating beats that enchant and thrill like goosebumps all over your body.

Take an earful right below carebears!

"Leave It in My Dreams" live performance.


Pyramid of Bones.

All Wordz Are Made Up.

My Friend The Walls.

Black Hole.

We're Where We Were.

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