Wednesday, June 27, 2018

K-Pop Group Momoland Releases Uptempo Ditty 'Baam' Musique Video!

K-pop girl power group, Momoland, unleashed an uptempo electro-pop ditty in the form of their new single “Baam.”

“Baam” may very well be a contender for song of the summer. A bubble pop electric gem that is playful and full of ear-grabbing, electro zaps with sour pour hooks.  Momoland’s latest tune was produced by South Korean song-maker Shinsadong Tiger. A name that is broadening our horizons.

The musique video for “Baam” is a festive fun yummy sunny game. After bringing the viewer into Momoland on a special plane, it instructs the viewers to try finding hidden jewelry. Their exquisite dance moves find the sassy band of gals shuffling in various Candyland setting choreography. The members of Momoland also pay homage by playing around in historic ensembles from different countries!

Scope out the groovy dream pop  bounce pop track that is, “Baam.”

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