Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kelly Rowland Struts ‘The Voice’ With An Adrenaline Cover Of Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’

Everyone in the galaxy knows by now that "The Voice"is a hits rating TV singing competition show that focuses on the judges rather than the contestant. Long gone are the days when Star Search, Soul Train, Showtime at The Apollo, thee original American Idol, took the reigns of birthing and actually developing burgeoning talent.

But one golden key-factor that these shows do bring to its viewers are the relentless dynamite featured performances brought on by musical guest artists. Through the years the catalog of pop stars that have slayed the Voice stage is uncomparable from Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera's iconic duet of "Do What You Want", today's case in pint exemplification is R&B/Pop legend in her own right, Kelly Rowland!

Appearing stellarly on The Voice's' Australia edition, the Destiny's Child nightingale was voted to victory. Know for his apparent use of innovative and radical electronic instruments and elements, fortunately for Mister Perry, it rocked the Aussie's world from down under. However, before of the outcome, the pair took to the stage together to strut a phenomenal, hands down electrifying cover rendition of Michael Jackson‘s classic ‘They Don’t Care About Us.’

While the winning contestant played DJ, it was Ms. Kelly Rowland that showed up and showed out, dipping and doing it dancing in sequence with her backup crew and the audience.

Kelly will leave you reminiscing about past iconic performances of hers. It should come to no surprise for all you loyal positive followers,  that we've included a list of her greatest right below! Scope it out now carebears:

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