Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Luke Bryan Reveals Madonna Was His First Celebrity Crush While Playing 'Fishing For Answers': Watch

According to one of our preferred sources:

"This week’s Billboard cover star Luke Bryan took some time to play “Fishing For Answers” during his magazine photo shoot, revealing who his first celebrity crush was, what he collected as a child, what the first concert he ever attended was and much more.

The first question Bryan pulls from the fishbowl is what his favorite cocktail is: vodka with ruby red grapefruit juice. He also divulges that his first ever celebrity crush was Madonna, he collected Bassmaster magazines as a kid and that if he were to audition for American Idol, he would sing Brooks & Dunn’s “She Used to Be Mine.”

Asked what it is that makes him country, the “That's My Kind Of Night” singer responds, “Where I was born, my upbringing, my values, my mom and dad, my accent…and that’s only .1 percent.”

The singer also shares that the first time he ever served as an opening act to a band on tour, for Brooks & Dunn in Pittsburgh. “One thing I learned is that night,” Bryan says, “Kix Brooks recognized me for opening up, and I try to do that with all my openers because I remember that feeling [of] hearing Kix say my name.”

As for the first concert Bryan ever attended as a fan? “Jerry Lee Lewis and T. G. Sheppard,” he answers with a wink, adding, “That’s what makes me country.”

You can watch the full video above to learn much more from Luke Bryan, and to watch his hilarious impression of Blake Shelton." - Billboard.com

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