Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nile Rodgers & Chic Team With Vic Mensa on Ecstatic 'Till the World Falls'

Alright, all you boogie gents and gals, icon/legend  Nile Rodgers & Chic mashup with ItsNotYouItsMe favorite MC Vic Mensa on their new tune "Till the World Falls." It's the legendary funk band's first record in 26 years.

Entitled "Till the World Falls", the single features signature Nile Rodgers groove, drenched in sun-kissed dance floor ready delight! Collaborators Mura Masa and NAO, who co-wrote the track and have been longtime collaborators since the phenomenal group's early heydays. While current sizzling starboy producer Anderson .Paak (Christina Aguilera "Liberation") is also listed among the track's co-writers.

The stellar track turns outer space into an astral dance-disco shindig. "We're the survivors," exclaims the opening verse where Rodgers'  guitar riffs lead the impeccable way to Vic Mensa's celebratory rap verse.  "You gotta have a song when the world falls down so just keep dancing," spits the rapper.

Where Rodgers was quoted saying in an interview about the nuevo record:

"I've had the great privilege of producing some of the most important artists in the world so when it came time to collaborating for my own record the barometer was shall we say pretty high."

Producer Mura Masa added, "Working with Nile at Abbey Road was so enjoyable. It’s breathtaking to see a man who has been working and striving towards greatness for so long approaching the writing and recording process with the same joy and passion that he always has. Truly an amazing learning experience and a wild fever dream come true."

Chic's new album since 1992's "Chic-ism", unleashes September 7th. The album's cover art is influenced by the iconic photograph seen on the front of Chic's 1977 debut effort.

"When I first came up with the concept for the first Chic album cover more than 40 years ago it was a deliberate statement that we could all be abundant, we could all be with the beautiful people, we could all be included, we could all have good times. Looking at the world today for the release of It’s About Time I felt that it was important to make those statements again for a new generation," Rodgers said.

Without further ado honey rockers, press play and get ready to boogie on downtown!

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