Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Selena Gomez's - "Back To You" Musique Video!

The queen of visuals, pop princess extraordinaire Selena Gomez has unleashed yet again another inimitable visual masterpiece with her newest tune "Back To You"off the "13 Reasons Why" soundtrack.  Marching to the beat of her own drum, Selena plays a lovestruck jailbird bird on the loose in their latest avant-garde musique video.

She uses chopped up silent film treatments to add texture and dimension to an already visible lyrical storyline. A super sexy love interest played by a guy we don't recognize whether he's a model/actor but well surely find out.

The hot blond guy meets Selena at a party and persuades her to sneak out, steal a car, drive to a remote green idyllic field, only to later find out they're wanted for grand theft auto. Imagining being on their honeymoon phase, the plotline begins to implode leading up to a tantalizing finale.

“You know, you sort of look like Selena Gomez,” the fellow tells her as she breaks squirms giving some serious side eye before cutting to stills of her masking different emotions (happy, bored, anger, etc.)

In true Selena Gomez style, this will probably be one of the best visual pieces we will see all year from any musical artist. Just like her 2014 endearing "The Heart Wants What It Wants," to 2015's "Good For You" & Hands To Myself" to the now legendary 2016 cheeky yet groundbreaking, “Bad Liar” and her pioneering “Fetish” video.

Although "Back To Life" isn't our favorite track from Selena's impressive catalog list of songs, the accompanying aesthetic surely breaths new life into this acoustic-uptempo pop ballad. She announced the new release on Twitter quoting about the video, “You can never be too passionate.”

And there you have it carebears, without further ado, hit play and let's get back to all things Selena Gomez!

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