Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chaka Khan Unleashes A Dance Fiesta In 'Like Sugar' Musique Video!

Alright carebears, it was just last week when we unveiled Funk legend Chaka Khan's super stellar new single "Like Sugar". Now she's unleashed an equally far out musique video for the song. Like we reported before, "Like Sugar," is the singer's first song in over a decade. The Queen of Funk gives us a throwback RUFUS vibe. See, when you have YOUR sound & unique wave you stay in lane and all you can be is the very best YOU that you can be, and when you do so, this is the result.

Chaka is surfing off summer just right! The funky beat is infectious and soars high riding funky basslines with a classic dance beat and a memorable chorus. Chaka leaves her signature voice to cry leaving even more impressionable vocal hooks. And thee accompanying visuals is indeed all that and a whole ice cream truckload of Candyland goodies.

The Kim Gehrig-directed video features an array of dancers grooving to the track, with apparent new-news to us, the Parisian duo "I Could Never Be a Dancer" providing the choreography. The dancers' already mesmerizing moves are looped, duplicated and beautifully layered, allowing them to move with the song in super far out ways, sort of like in a GIF-like feel.

Like we previously said, Chaka Khan released "Like Sugar" earlier this month. Former Major Lazer producer Switch produced the song, which was the first to be released on his new label, Diary Records.

Diary Records will also release Chaka Khan's next album, which will mark her first since 2007's Funk This. A release date and title are expected to be announced soon.

Without further ado earthlings, raise your glasses and toast a drink for the return of master Chaka and her electrifying new musique video single, "Like Sugar"!

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