Friday, July 20, 2018

Channel Tres Is Back With Jet Black!

Get into the funky groove with us and Compton producer/rapper Channel Tres as he's back with his new brilliant single entitled "Jet Black"! Back in April, we introduced Channel Tres and his electrifying first single “Controller.” A dance house track opened with a traditional deep-voiced cry that smoothly melded over a rap beat.

The tune, co-written and also produced by Nick Sylvester, found us comparing Channel to another favorite similar artists of ours, Vince Staples’ and his "Big Fish Theory" album. Call it hip-house that you may find randomly on Soundcloud or a bite out of a refreshing strawberries field, “Controller,” was the bee's knees in all its bouncing synths and hypnotic sway. We couldn't wait what was in store next!

Well, wait no further as his follow-up track doesn't disappoint. “Jet Black”,  is thee official second single off his upcoming self-titled EP. Channel Tres dares potential suitors and challengers alike to keep up with him in his song. The song also once again co-produced by Nick Sylvester, combines a far-out bass line and a heavy synthesized chorus.

Once again carebears, get your nearest strobe-lit dance floor ready (even though they're a needle in a haystack nowadays), and request, request, stream and download "Jet Black"...

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