Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Charlotte Gainsbourg's “Sylvia Says” Musique Video!

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg is  British-French actress and singer, daughter of English actress Jane Birkin and legendary French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg.  Charlotte Gainsbourg is impossibly cool French synth-pop with a European hangout punk rock vibe with a chain-smoked scent. A perfect specimen!

A perfect marriage of sonics and visuals, all the grooves and velvet soundscapes of Gainsbourg’s new tune "Sylvia Says" is booming and slithering with lights burning their way into your eyes.

Gainsbourg’s video is a staged encounter in the streets of New York, with a group of folks slowly collapsing to the ground. There are a handful of striking shots that stall and notably setting the ambiance impeccably. The sight of Gainsbourg strutting and strolling is as ethereal as the images of her suspended on a bed of disco mirror balls!

Dig it out below honey rockers...

Don't forget our favorite remix to unleash this year, by Tensnake Remix!

Charlotte Gainsbourg made her BBC Radio 6 Music Live Room debut and performed her latest track.

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