Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fergie Watches Fan Covers on YouTube Glamour Web Series!

Alright honey bears, pop stargirl Fergie did a promo stop to one of our favorite magazine web series, Glamour’s online ‘You Sang My Song’. A show that sees popular vocal pop stars weigh in on Youtube acts who’ve covered their tunes.

Equal icons Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mariah Carey, and other ginormous artists are among the segment’s past guests. Now it's Fergie's turn with the beauty mag to put her interesting anecdotes, opinions, and all around inspiring energy on such classics covered. Fergie is tributed with stellar renditions of her songs "You Already Know" "M.I.L.F.$," "London Bridge," amongst many others.

Fans react to Fergie, while Fergie herself reacts back to the fans. Being quite the lovable, warm, quirky-eclectic, superbly mega talent she is, watch as she brings all the raw candor and sunny summer delight.

Scope out all the fun with Fergie right below!

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