Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mr Twin Sister's Official Audio For "Jaipur"!

Long Island indie dance-pop experimentalists Mr Twin Sister formerly known as just Twin Sister have been on our musical radars since the release of their self-titled album back in 2014. We’ve got a couple of yummy one-offs tunes here and there since, but now that has all changed!

Thee eccentric worldly dance number entitled “Jaipur,” finds lead singer Andrea Estella strutting a nocturnal beat reminiscent of Fever Ray, Drake's “Passionfruit,”  Christina Aguilera's "I Do," or Nikka Costa's "Funkier than a Mosquita's Tweeter".

The New York group have created a gentle, young wild and free indie pop record that takes you to dark, hard-edged nuanced dance electronic manifested into a loopy glossy disco-funk number. As a group, they've performed many genres and their first new single in two years is no different. “Jaipur,” is a quick, nervous beat influenced by Indian sonics.

Scope out Andrea Estella and the rest of the bunch of delovely delightful members as they blaze lacerating effects, deepened vocals down to the pitch of the saxophone floating in the background. Press play below on all thee upbeat percussion, like a bottle of suppressed anxiety trying to break through to the surface!

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