Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Queen Oprah Meets King Edward Enninful Of UK Vogue

Queen Oprah meets King Edward Enninful, thee editor in chief of British Vogue sharing a very intimate and candidly raw intriguing interview. Despite being arguably the greatest journalist and face of TV to ever exist, Oprah seemingly and effortlessly spills tea all over the room disclosing both funny and private moments past and present.

Edward Enninful‘s run at ‘ British Vogue’ has been nothing short than stellar and with the backing of legendary model Naomi Campbell, the Ghanaian creative director is the publication’s editor-in-chief perfect vessel to extract such elusive information from thee all and mighty powerful Miss O.

Oprah who also stuns and graces the publications current pages with a cover and feature spread is the conversation you've been unknowingly been wanting below.

Press play and scope out what happened when Oprah googled herself!

Now here's Oprah's most infamous and preferred guest as she's been quoted saying numerous times, Tina Turner! The Queen of Rock n' Roll below performs the famous Proud Mary dance routine during the Jonathan Ross Show. This is Tina Turner's first interview since 2013. And below that is her best of moments with Oprah.

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