Thursday, July 5, 2018

Róisín Murphy's Plaything Official Musique Video!

Just last week we reported exclusively that musique goddess Róisín Murphy has unleashed a brand new dance tune and now we're celebrating "Part two of Róisin Murphy’s 4×12″ series with Maurice Fulton with the dark and brooding new video.

Filmed as “visual chapters” during a two-day residency at The Store X (an event space), the new tune ‘Plaything’ takes Murphy’s narrative in a light to dark direction, which is about according to Roisin herself:

"'All My Dreams', the first video, was about my first rave experience at Shelley’s in Nottingham and it represents a naive youthful burgeoning club culture.This the second, goes darker, we have moved on a few years and by then I had seen people be swallowed up in the euphoria..."

The dazzling grey video is melding her pop-edged approach to a nuanced awareness of club culture where the dance floor is for dancing.

The second in the series, 'Plaything'  is out now on the Vinyl Factory, and what's in store for you boogie bots below is equipped with some intriguing eye-candy visuals!

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