Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Updated: A Game Show To Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt Has Finally Arrived!!!

TruTV is competing with Sallie Mae, "the source of many a drained bank account and who would probably rob a Girl Scout cookie collection box if it meant I’d make my payment on time." put perfectly by Dlised.com Americano's apparently owe upwards of $1.4 million in student loans. So naturally, someone thought it would be a good idea to come up with a game show where people could pay their loans off.

NBC released a statement saying "Paid Off" was inspired by how 60% of college graduates are walking around with just under $40,000 in debt. Contestants will be asked trivia questions, and if they get enough right, they could have up to 100% of their debt paid off. Forget Ellen and Oprah's favorite things episode yall! Michael Torpey from ItsNotYouItsMeBlog favorite "Orange Is The New Black" is hosting it, and he said about the situation:

“We’re playing in a weird space of dark comedy. As a comedian, I think a common approach to a serious topic is to try to laugh at it first.”

Now the question is, we're asking alongside with Dlisted.com... next fall shall NBC decide to, "send the homeless through the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in a chance to put a roof over their heads!" Who knows. With the current insane clown posse currently holding the White House hostage, anything bleak is possible.

Dig out the trailer below.

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