Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wallow's “These Days” Musique Video!

Thee official musique video “These Days” for LA band Wallow, led by hunky dory singer-songwriter and actor (13 Reasons Why) Dylan Minnette has been unleashed! Off their debut EP ‘Spring’ out now, the far-out boys showcase their breezy, sunny side up Malibu feel sound and retro influences quite superbly. Their bold and eye-popping visual directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr. is a dramedy educational clip highlighting the misguided missteps of unwanted serenading. Lol.

It commences sweetly with Wallows performing their new single “These Days” outside the bedroom window of a red-haired gal. Only, she looks unimpressed and watches disinterestedly while eating cereal and checking on her goldfish.

Things then take an unexpected turn, but we'd suggest you hit play on the video right below to catch thee astounding ending! Shimmy on over now:

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