Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Black Honey In "I Only Hurt the Ones I Love"

Alternative/indie rock n' roll group Black Honey are getting ready to unleash their self-titled debut record due out on the 21st of September. Our first tootsie pop taste of what’s to come, their brilliant fun and uptempo song ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’.

The opener for the upcoming album has a ton of pizazz and electric guitar swagger that impeccably incorporates seventies groove and early 21st century American/British garage rock. Delivering a fresh vibe of cool and nuanced effortless alternative sonics.

Lead singer Izzy Phillips struts across the country dessert plains euphorically in the video intertwining the tunes western sound astoundingly with the aesthetics. A cinematic musique video and a raw fast fuse tune that has got our musique senses on high alert! So far, this band means business with their debut release.

Dig a listen to the track and watch the video right below carebears!

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