Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Dig Out The Mighty Legendary Pop Songstress Robyn Sing New Tune “Missing U” Live For The First Time!

The all mighty legendary pop songstress Robyn unleashed her debut first-time live performance of her new song “Missing U”! Following her BBC Radio 1 radio interview where she announced her forthcoming album, Robyn also unleashed a hailstorm tornado of dance fury with a stellar festival performance.

Her razzle-dazzle, spectacular dazzling performance of her synth-pop packed setlist shined for her Radio 1 audience in Ibiza at the Café Mambo venue. "Missing U" came off easy as 1-2-3 reminding the public that Robyn has not missed a beat during her hiatus. She also sang classics like “Dancing on My Own” from 2010’s Body Talk and “Call Your Girlfriend” and “With Every Heartbeat” from her 2005 self-titled effort.

Wait no more and get into the groove with the dancing machine feline herself, thee inimitable and authentically fresh Robyn!

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