Tuesday, August 7, 2018

LANY'S "Thru These" Tears Musique Video

LA born-based Indie Alt band LANY have unleashed a simple fun feel-good pop/rock tune ala the days of Simple Plan, Blink 182, All American Rejects, and many more. In these trying times, civilization seems like it's always just a tear away. So we take this nostalgic yet new take on Kroq inspired rock/pop jam with thee heartbreaking new video for LANY'S new single 'Thru These Tears'.

We discovered this tune during our normal weekly routine of searching and discovering new treasures of new musique! Now it leaves our teenie bopper, 1990's hot topic/Claire's accessory wearing hearts with the debut of their new musique video single.

The video sees the band's hunky dory hottie mctoddie lead vocalist Paul Jason Klein getting rushed into thee emergency room as his friends and bandmates await the doctors' verdict in total "Handmaid's Tale" like fear. He is ultimately declared deceased, but later awakens in his bed and leaves the hospital. He lollygags and gets into a cab which drives away.

It's a tear-jerking "missing my baby" kinda mid-tempo vibe. Injected with a stellar synth rift at the bridge part of the song the lead single off their upcoming record 'Malibu Nights' is a sweet summer song to a sweet summer ending to all in the Northern Hemisphere in this month of August!

Late Late Show shared their music stage with LANY for their debut performance of "Thru These Tears" for their Stage 56 audience!

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