Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wiz Khalifa and Rapper Problem Do The Do In Their "Gin & Drugs" New Musique Video!

That moment when you just poured a drink or maybe lit up a sparked goodie and then Wiz Khalifa's new tune comes on and all is right in the universe!

Wiz’s new visual video single has got more bounce to the ounce that'll leave Zapp & Rogers high off of proudness. The name of the spectacular tune “Gin & Drugs,” is of the rapper's "Rolling Papers 2" album featuring with West Coast emcee Problem.

Directed by Spencer Hord the musique video features animation by artist/graphic designer Pix3lface and an appearance from the now controversial Clermont twins. The catchy new party soundtrack song lets us know that Wiz may be "Dazed & Blazed" just like the same title name of his upcoming tour, but one thing for sure all Wiz wants to do is have some fun.

So dip and do it and get into it. Press play right below carebears!

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