Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Zara Larsson Struts Lollapalooza Paris 2018!!!

Our Swedish darling pop princess Zara Larsson saw, she strutted, she worked out Lollapalooza 2018! Zara performed at huge long hit list of her yummy signature tunes sending the pumped-up audience into a wild blaze of pop glory.

Looking so ethereal yet cutting edge. Zara did not come to play. She came to take dancers prisoners under her utopian planet. Trust us, you don't wanna wait a second longer hitting that play button. So go baby let's go!

Psss, because we know ya'll are our kinda people, we attached thee entire completed setlist below as well.

Never Forget You
What They Say
Girls Like/This Ones For You
Don't Let Me Be yours
I Can't Fall In Love Without You
I Would Like
NEW Dance Break
Ain't My Fault
So Good
Lush Life

Also, after achieving success in her hometown, Larsson’s follow-up has fans waiting with paws wide opened. However, updates have indicated something else is currently in the loom.

In a keepin' it real 100, in a transparent move, Zara opened up about the delay in an honest Instagram chat. She revealed that the production process isn’t delivering the quality she needs.

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