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The Voidz Nuevo Tune – “Coul As A Ghoul”

It's been a sinister rock n' roll rollercoaster this year thus far in alternative musique. That is since the band, The Voidz, started leaking new musique. Fronted by one of our preferred favs Julian Casablancas, we've been covering all grounds since the commencement back in January.

Now the question is since their recent sophomore album just dropped, did we assume there would already be a new doozy in the loom? Even more experimental than the last? Well, hold your electrical guitar breaths honey rockers, cause there is!

Catching in a bottle Julian Casablancas’ genius yet spontaneous impulses into actual recording material is astounding in itself. Remember yall, this is the fellow that envisioned a planet where the artist Ariel Pink should be as big as Ed Sheeran.

Always the genuine rock star though with an erratic velvety-eclectic pinky pop promise sensibility, it's no surprise to us “Cool As A Ghoul”, the new tune, is refreshingly envelope-pushing.

The Voidz released  "Cool As A Ghoul”  as part of this year’s Adult Swim Singles series. It seems couture tailored for thee Adult Swim network, wouldn't yall concur. It's ravenous quirky adventurous digital bassline, and curious guitar rift completes impeccably the heavy drum beat. Also as a sidenote, “Cool As A Ghoul” will be available as a B-side to the Voidz’ “QYURRYUS” 7″ single!

We have to say carebears our favorite lyrics we shared right below. Now raise the curtain call and get those rockin' paws up and hit play on that Casablanca groove!

"I'm a witch at the stake
I'm a cherry on a cake
I'm a hunk
I'm a skank
I'm a butcher
I'm a bank

Everything you wanna do
I did it before
Everything you did
I did a little bit more
Shot out of a cannon
In 1997

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the 187th Warmonger of the Year award
And the winner
For 2018 Warmonger of the Year is...

Get Into Channel Tres - "Controller"

Get into the funky groove with us and Compton producer/rapper Channel Tres and his electrifying nuevo tune “Controller.” A dance house track opened with a traditional deep-voiced cry that smoothly melds over a rap beat.

The tune, co-written and also produced by Nick Sylvester (co-founder of Godmode, a music company based in LA via Pitchfork), finds the equilibrium between both honey-rockers very similar to Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory. And we don't mind one bit at all because we dig both records dearly. Call it hip-house that you may find randomly on Soundcloud or a bite out of a refreshing strawberries field, “Controller,” is the bee's knees in all its bouncing synths and hypnotic sway.

Get to your nearest dance floor carebears (even though they're a needle in a haystack nowadays), and request, request, request!  “You wanted to find a rhythm that’ll make you move,” Sir Channel Tres exclaims...than wait no more and press play.

Iceage - The Day the Music Dies

So far with three singles out already, 'Catch It', 'Take It All', and our preferred tune 'Pain Killer' featuring Sky Ferreira, it's safe to say Iceage's latest is equally on fire. The last pre-album single 'The Day The Music Dies', is all the 13 reasons why we absolutely adore Iceage. Their musique is darker than such acts like Blur, Oasis, The Strokes, or any Jack White musical burrito you may fancy. They're raw, unapologetic with the moody blaring horns and string sections. This new record surely takes the group to the next level.

The follow-up to 2014's "Plowing Into The Field Of Love,"sets up a perfect final curtain call with the release of “The Day The Music Dies.”

Frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s devilish tragic handsome profile reminds us of The Vines Craig Nicholls with a twist of James Dean and a pinch of Brandon Boyd psychedelia. Elias is quite the cherry on top indeed. His voice shines in his usual signature growl while centerpiecing impeccably with the guitars rumbling alongside jittering percussions.

Co-directed by Iceage and Graeme Flegenheimer, this rock n’ roll joint is everything but a four leaf clover. A church service at Detroit’s legendary Masonic Temple plays as a backdrop also while riding around the streets of Detroit, sitting inside a sauna.

Dig out when “The Day The Music Dies”!

Franz Ferdinand's Playful New 'Glimpse of Love' Video

The latest Franz Ferdinand album is the gift that keeps on giving. After a decade-plus in the rock n roll industry, Franz are still more than ever as fun fresh and creative in their dance-rock inventive ways. Their tongue in cheek nuevo musique video is as bantery yet highly choreographed with a spoonful of sugar. It reminds us of 1960's bands such as The Monkees, Sonny & Cher, The Animals, etc.

Although Franz Ferdinand is very much an entire entity in their own right. After a long absence, we've been entangled with love strings since the first single Always Ascending. Their new dance-influenced record made with Cassius member and Phoenix collaborator Philippe Zdar.

Directed by Alice Kunisue,  the boys are on a farm somewhere, spending q and t  with local animals while no narrative or greater meaning really plays as a motif. It is a joyous cinematic cut.

 “Glimpse Of Love” is another perfect chapter to add to their most recent musical journey.  It's is endearingly goofy, endearingly punk, endearing adoring, forever endearingly our mates Franz Ferdinand.

The Coral - ‘Sweet Release’ (Official Video)

Alright, love muffins this new tune you couldn't be happier waking up too, we pinky promise. Brought to us by The Coral an English rock band, the band first emerged during the 2000s and found success with their debut album. Now fast forward to 2018 their nuevo tune "Sweet Release" is what America and the rest of planet earth have been waiting for.

Our countries may be acting absurdly obnoxious, but not for all of us carebears. This feel-good-time, sunnyside up wondrous track is super stellar.

Simple yet contagiously catchy wrapped in a perfect sushi pop jam. Get ready for all the "Sweet Release"  right below!

Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris Duet "One Kiss" On Graham Norton!

Apparently, it goes down in the DMs, just ask Calvin Harris. His latest muse feature is none other than our favorite new pop vocalist Dua Lipa. "One Kiss" has already been spinning here headquarters for some time now and its also just logged in a UK number one.

Thee sleekly hot duo made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to spill the tea about "One Kiss," on how it came to be. Calvin divulges how he guiltily slid into Dua's Instagram Dm's. Scope out Calvin and Lipa's amorous banter and their stellar euphoric dance house performance right below!


"Luke Volker at Boss Models Capetown shot by Detlef Honigstein & Timmi Taubenschreck, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Hair & Make-up: Annika Jeck." - Fuckingyoung.es

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