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Get Into The Fri-yay groove W/ Madonna And 'The Breakfast Club' Docudrama Trailer!

Get into the Fri-yay groove with a little spoonful of Madonna sugar why don't ya...

"Before she became the Queen of Pop, Madonna was an unknown musician in New York City, who was a part of an '80s pop group called the Breakfast Club. An upcoming docudrama titled, Madonna and the Breakfast Club, will follow the life of a pre-fame Madonna before she became the pop legend that she is today.

The film starts with Madonna during her early days as a drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, and songwriter for the Breakfast Club. She had formed the group in 1979 with Dan Gilroy, who she had been dating at the time. As the film progresses, Madonna gets more involved with the band’s music, and begins to develop her own identity as an artist.

The docudrama will be split between reenacted scenes from Madonna’s time with the band, alongside recent interviews with Gilroy, his brother Ed, and bandmate Gary Burke scattered throughout the film. The film was produced by Guy Guido and Paul Castro Jr., and stars Jamie Auld as Madonna. Auld’s uncanny resemblance to the pop icon is incredibly realistic, and is sure to intrigue longtime fans of the singer.

“We filmed in the same locations Madonna once walked and performed in, incorporating the exact instruments she played, including the real guitar she used to write her first songs,” Guido said. “It was surreal to capture Jamie in the drama that would eventually lead to Madonna pursuing her solo career.”

While Madonna left the Breakfast Club well before even their first single was released in 1984, the band would go on to some Billboard chart success with the release of their self-titled debut LP in 1987, which peaked at No. 43 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. That set featured the group's biggest hit, "Right on Track," which hit No. 7 in March 1987.

The film is set to release across digital and video on-demand platforms by The Orchard on March 12.

Watch the trailer for Madonna and the Breakfast Club below:" - Billboard

Electric hot singer Pedrina Unleashes Stellar Tune "Hoy" ft. Martina La Peligrosa (MOÜGLI Remix)

Electric hot singer Pedrina, hails from thee talented paradise of Colombia. Thee Latin American  songstress is a musician, singer, and all around producer. She's unleashed a smokin' stellar new sensual plush track entitled Hoy featuring Martina La Peligrosa in collaboration with the duo MOÜGLI (Samuel Lizarralde & Juan Pablo Delgado).

The groovy future fresh sonics brings a whole new medium to thee tedious recycled reggaeton music that is being over saturated by most artists these days. Although that benefits an artist such as Pedrina who offers progressive innovative melodies and beats. Pedrina sings pleads and yearns quite enchantingly, through her lyrics and natural feeling serving a sound and aesthetic that invigorates the musical brain.

Without further ado, get into the spacey groove and press play on thee latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with the brilliant Pedrina and her smash MOÜGLI Remix of "Hoy" featuring Martina La Peligrosa!


Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2019

"Acne Studios unveiled its Spring/Summer 2019 collection during Paris Fashion Week." -

Off-White Fall/Winter 2019

"Virgil Abloh presented his F/W 2019 collection “Public Television” for Off-White at the Carrousel de Louvre that was transformed into a landscape that could easily be found in a bio-dome. For the generations that grew up on Public Television, nothing taps into our nostalgia like the opening samples from Mr.Roger’s Neighborhood. Ironic that such institutions are celebrated while across the pond on Abloh’s home turf the shutdown continues.

While sending out the invites, Abloh stated on Instagram:

“My narrative for 2019 is to finally reveal the rationale that exists underneath my creative outputs as one body of work, versus the fragmented projects as they naturally exist now.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (@mcachicago) exhibition and museum catalog will also be a published book summarizing the last 20~ years of work. It will illustrate the through lines that exist and showcase how each of my projects relates to one another”

It does get wordy, but thankfully we still have books, instead of Instagram captions for this, lol

For instance, pure artworks I am making relate to projected images. An understanding and point-of-view to re-wire “advertising”. see previous post or my solo exhibit in Tokyo last year.)

While fashion etc. relates the same re-configuration of projected moving still images of things we’ve seen since before we were paying attention aka “public television”.

Abloh’s time at Vuitton has also rubbed off with more tailored pieces worked among high-waisted drawstring denim trousers with a YK2 flair. Gone are any hints of a pastel palette opting for acid yellows, oranges, and an alien green. If anything, the green rush is in full swing." -

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