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Kimbra Is a Cameo Lover

New Zealand singer/songwriter and ItsNotYouItsMe favorite Kimbra returns with the freestyle pop track "Cameo Lover" off her long awaited debut album "Vow" (available only as a New Zealand import) which some how tops her previous tracks "Settle Down " and her collaborative effort with Australian electronic band Miami Horror "I Look To You".

The track and video go hand in hand as any true artist aims to please when their craft is perpetually released into our auditory and visual pleasures. Kimbra is no gimmick, she is true artiste and deserves to be paraded like her musical and creative counterparts such as Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera as her work is explosively mind blowing at their professional levels or as we here at ItsNotYouItsMe put it way back in September of 2010,

"Her tunes are heavily themed with eccentric and quirky jazz chords. Kimbra has all the right hooks and memorable melodies that will sure gain her a legion of fans from all around the planet."
Were never wrong about these things. Our first write-up on Kimbra has sense been linked as promotional usage on various platforms. Just remember you heard it first here! ;)

Check out Kimbra's new fantastic video and a in-dept interview with the gorgeous dark haired beauty with New Zealand's TVNZ's Breakfast show.

Miles McMillan by Jack Pierson for AnOther Man

No Other–Coming a long way this year, one of our original buzz boys, Miles McMillan goes from catwalk success to the pages of British bi-annual AnOther Man, photographed by Jack Pierson. Outfitted by the fantastic Bryan McMahon, the Success model stars in a collections story, putting a fabulous spin on riveting pieces from D&G, Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and many other labels. Courtesy of

Patrick O’Donnell by Lonny Spence for Varón

The Butcher–Patrick O’Donnell achieves a new look for Varón’s latest issue. Clad in aprons upon layers, the WhyNot model is photographed by Lonny Spence and outfitted by Hugo Lavin, who finds a little magic in the ordinary, turned out in a chic fashion. Courtesy of

Andrea Bellisario, Taylor Cowan & Michael McCaughlery by Oskar Cecere in Louis Vuitton for MFL Magazine

No Expense–With Louis Vuitton easily dictating a luxurious tone, MFL enlists photographer Oskar Cecere for a rich story, featuring the house’s fall collection. Styled by Stefano Roncato, Independent Men Andrea Bellisario, Taylor Cowan and Michael McCaughlery are photographed alongside WhyNot’s Inga Savits for a seductive tale, lined with coveted pieces. Courtesy of

Malthe Lund Madsen & Timothy Kelleher by Niclas Heikkinen for Husk Magazine

Serious Matter–d1 fresh face Timothy Kelleher leads an editorial photographed by Niclas Heikkinen, with a positively infectious aura. Joined by buzz boy Malthe Lund Madsen (Elite London), the pair are outfitted by Harry Lambert for the new issue of Husk magazine. Groomed lightly for a subdued story in predominantly gray, Timothy and Malthe embrace the fall season with garments from Prada, Dior Homme, Gucci and local London labels that include James Long. Courtesy of

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Dapper-Dandy In The Pages Of Elle Magazine!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks dapper-dandy in the new pages of Elle magazine where they've labeled him, their “Elle Man” of the year!

On creating the production company “Nobody wanted to hire me - I can see where they wouldn’t want the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun. I came to the conclusion, I’m not going to wait for somebody to tell me that I’m allowed to be creative. The metaphor of pushing that red button sort of became my symbol for that kind of self-started creativity.”

Independent filmmaker, Gregg Araki, who worked with Joseph on his critically acclaimed film, "Mysterious Skin" said this about the dreamy-eyed actor...“It’s great when younger actors are trying to do things besides be a movie star and drive fancy cars and go to clubs,” he says. “Joe’s a creative artist; he has a thirst for knowledge and art and experience. He’s not living a superficial life.”

50/50 co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, on Joseph...“My dad [director Ron Howard] said Tom Hanks always talked about equipoise. It’s total relaxation and complete focus at the same time. That’s the biggest struggle for an actor - not to be focused but amped up, or relaxed and sloppy. Joe’s relaxed and hyper-present always.”

Scoot over to for thee entire article now!

Two of our favorite people, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in an original dark comedy portraying two friends taking some of life's unforgiving happenings and forcing a little laughter to make it all a little easier.

Jack The Sheep Who Thinks He's A Dog

Poor sheep is probably wondering what all the fuss is about, here is Jack the sheep who think's hes a dog and who we think is even more lovable although have you seen a sheep poop?

A sheep that was rescued as a lamb and brought up with a springer spaniel is now convinced he is a sheep dog.

Jack is so sure he is a canine he fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs and even tries to bark.

The six-month-old pet doesn't even recognise his own species and tries to herd sheep when he is put in the field with the rest of the flock.

Adele Video Premiere "Someone Like You"

Global charting emotional firecracker Adele returns with her video for the huge radio topping hit "Someone Like You". The video directed by English director Jake Nava on location in Paris, France is a perfect moody background for the somber lyrics of Adele coming to terms of a lost relationship .

Stoll along with Adele the first female British solo singer in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have two number ones from the same album below.

Seth Rogan Is An Honorary Bear Muse

Move over Edie Sedgwick, Seth Rogan sits down with Conan O' Brian to share that he is an honorary muse in the gay art world.

Dazzle at the beauty below!

A Girls Nail Art Journey: "Broke In The City"

Sometimes you have to be adventurous in life (within reason) to find new possiblities just like writer Mickie Meinhardt, who took to the stairs up to find some new nail art.

I’ve been a nail freak since childhood, so the nail-polish-is-the-new-lipstick trend sits well with me. Unfortunately, I lack the funds to try out the cool new stuff available (Chanel Peridot, gel manicures). However, I’m a sucker for anything borderline ridiculous or cheap (or both), so when I saw a brightly colored sign advertising $10 nail art in my less-than-cool Bronx neighborhood, I was intrigued.

“$9.99 FULL NAIL MANICURE! FOUR COLOR DESIGN!” read the wooden stand, pointing up a narrow staircase to the second floor of a building housing a tattoo parlor and an electronics store. Never one to be afraid of a little sketchiness (I’d actually gotten my nose pierced at the aforementioned tattoo parlor as an idiotic, parent-free freshman during my 1st week of college), I commissioned my roommate as a wing woman and headed in.

Cash in hand—somehow we knew this would be the kind of place that didn’t take cards—we navigated the winding hallway via handwritten signs reading simply “NAIL” with an arrow. Suddenly, our eyes were assaulted by a hot pink room with green floors and plastic palm trees.

“HII YES?!” screams a man from behind a doctor’s mask.

We are deer in headlights. The room is packed with stations, most manned by techs in the process of applying acrylic nails. Children are everywhere. I feel like I’ve stumbled into a rubbing-alcohol-scented assembly line.

We’re ushered in to chairs. I ask for a design; the tech pulls out a card version of the sign outside. “Which?” Apparently the choices are limited: glitter stripes, polka dots, a misshapen leopard, and the one that initially sparked my interest, a cream base with gold and black zebra tips that I deemed the “Jenny From The Block French Mani”. Sadly, my nails are too short, which she quickly offers to fix “You can do with tips! Only 10!” I politely decline the plastic talons. I compromise with full-nail zebra but replace the gold with iridescent pink and baby blue—go big or go home.

My girl works with silent precision, aggressively filing my nails to sharp-cornered squares. The whole thing goes much like you’d expect a $10 manicure to go; all the usual buffing, rubbing and clipping, only done at a brisker, surgical clip with mysteriously unlabeled products. Before my girl starts painting, however, I’m instructed to pay now, or no color (as collateral in case I walk out?). I examine the wall of polishes; there are almost no neutral colors.The range is between bright and blinding, with neon as the median shade. At least a third are glittery. There’s no OPI in sight.

My nails are now half pink, half blue. Surprisingly, the tiger stripes take the least amount of time. I blink and the tech’s pulling out what I hope is topcoat from a bottle labeled “chicken essence.” Whatever—I got exactly what I was envisioning. Lisa Frank’s tiger would be so jealous. My neighbor has added yellow, hot pink and silver stripes. Hers look awesome, and I ask to take her picture. My technician thinks I’m weird.

The Update: It’s been a few days, and though I swiped on my trusty Seche Vite topcoat when I got home, they’re already starting to chip in the piecey way that spells bad base coat. I chalk it up to an experience, a new Halloween go-to and a good life lesson: you get what you pay for (results vary by borough).

Garrett Neff by Sean & Seng for Numéro Homme

Fall’s Homme–Sean & Seng snag the latest cover story of Numéro Homme, with returning star Garrett Neff (Success). Taking their shoot outdoors with an architectural structure, it may be the magazine’s fall/winter issue, but the photography duo manage to find a balance of fashion and skin for an editorial with French flair. Courtesy of

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