Thursday, February 28, 2013

Video Premiere Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You

Carly Rae Jepsen has released herfourth single "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" from our ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin favorite Kiss.

The Max Martin track is our favorite off the pop album and the most dance floor friendly and we are happy to see it getting a proper release because we just hate seeing this diamond of a pop album being over looked!

Carly were not getting over you!

Extra| Behind the scenes

Just What Is Glamour?

Are you a glamour girl? Dont be the icing on the isnt good cake!


Miss Kitten Brings The Electro Goodness

We cannot tell you how many times we have danced to Miss Kitten in the clubs wayyy back in the early 2000's and the below video and track has gotten us excited all over again!

A black Ballardian dancefloor illuminated by a setting sun provides the science-fiction backdrop to Parisian dance music heroine Miss Kittin’s new video for “Bassline.” Dancers throw sultry silhouettes from the shadows as tales of nightclub seduction are sung over chattering hi-hats, classic Moroder synths and, of course, a relentless bassline. “I wanted to see if I could write something naive and without a real meaning, based on the musicality of the words,” explains Kittin, otherwise known as Caroline Hervé. Originally from Grenoble, the French singer, producer and D.J. studied graphic design at university only to rise to prominence in 1998 following her collaboration with The Hacker on the single “1982.” She has since released two solo LPs, and “Bassline” heralds the arrival of her third, Calling From The Stars, due out on wSphere in April.

Working with director Andrew Woodhead and performing in front of a vast green screen, it was only in post-production that Hervé was transported to a world of inky voids and animated fluorescents. “The video is a building process of single neon dance moves breaking out into real live dancers, then finally into a chaotic alternate dimension,” says Woodhead. “This symbolizes the steps of a dance floor—how it starts off lonely then changes over the course of an evening into a frenzy of activity.”

Miss Kittin: Bassline on

Tilda Swinton is the New Face of Chanel


 If you didn't get enough of the exquisite Tilda Swinton on Tuesday, well let us in on the next appearance by the David Bowie look alike.

Tilda Swinton is suddenly everywhere this week–first as David Bowie’s wife in the rocker’s new music video and now she’s been cast in an equally perfect role: The face of Chanel’s Paris-Edinburgh Metiers d’Arts collection, WWD is reporting. Who better than the Scottish beauty (she comes from a family of Scots and currently resides in Scotland, though she was born in England) to represent the couture collection and its heavy Scottish influence? Though for that matter, who better than Tilda Swinton to do anything? In a statement, Lagerfeld described Swinton as “a modern woman, a timeless icon of elegance.” The casting is also particularly fitting, according to the trade, because Karl Lagerfeld first photographed the other-worldly actress around the time she played a nobleman (who later became a woman) living in a castle in 1992′s Orlando. Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show took place in a castle and so Lagerfeld photographed Swinton for the campaign in a castle–Château d’Ecouen from the Renaissance period located near Chantilly, France. The ads are slated to break in June magazines–and though they’re definitely not targeting people like us who (like most of the population) don’t have a prayer of actually purchasing this stuff, we are really excited to see them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Video Premiere David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

We present to you David Bowie's video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" helmed by director extraordinaire Floria Sigismondi,  and serves as the second single from his album The Next Day. If a new video wasn't enough to wet your dry ears and eyes, well pair Mr. Bowie with his long lost alter ego actress Tilda Swinton and then throw in Dutch artist and model Saskia De Brauw and our favortie androgynous model Andrej Pejić for party that stays true to the tunes name!

"Stars are never sleeping. Dead ones and the living." Press play below to look to the sky.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Art of Shopping by Mikael Jansson

Interview magazine highlights the latest designer collections with the story 'The Art of Shopping', photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templer. The editorial features models Janice Alida, Irina Kravchenko and Meghan Collison. Courtesy of - fashiontography


The View from Here–Re:Quest model Cole Mohr and Alexey Galetskiy of DNA come together for the latest issue of Mixt(e) magazine, posing for photos by Tom Allen. Making quite the style impression in garments from Prada, Wooyoungmi and countless others, the handsome duo are outfitted by David St John James.  Courtesy of -


© by Unter The Influence / Photography Greta Ilieva / Model Hannah Noble / Styling Jack Borate. Courtesy of -


The Dark Side–Clad in a strict wardrobe of dark pieces, Re:Quest model André Bona appears before Dana Scruggs’ lens for the debut issue of GODS Magazine. Styled by Soukéna Roussi in a wardrobe that plays with military-inspired shapes and details, mixed with different layers and textures, André poses in an urban setting, that highlights the strong appeal of the designs he’s wearing. / Grooming by Helena Moké. Courtesy of -

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have A Very Merry Birthday Dakota Fanning

Hannah Dakota Fanning born February 23, 1994, is an American actress and forever that little girl in her breakthrough performance in 2001's I Am Sam at the ripe age of 7, making her the youngest nominee for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Some of our favorite films of Dakota over the past 11 years (doesn't it seem like shes been around forever now) Trapped, Uptown Girls, The Secret Life of Bees, Coraline and her most dramatic role yet playing Cherie Currie or all girls punk band The Runaways in their biopic.

Dakota is one of those beings that come around every so often whom are born with a old soul, years older then their age and we honor you today Miss Fanning on your 19th birthday and your amazing achievements in film thus far.

Iam Sam

Dakota with the help of Orlando Bloom for her Critics Choice win

Dakota As Cherie Currie performing "Cherry Bomb"

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