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Mya Says She Would Do a 'Lady Marmalade' Reunion with Christina Aguilera, P!nk & Lil' Kim

Mya recently spilled the tea in an interview with ET Canada that she would adore nothing more than to reunite with equal now-new legends Christina Aguilera, P!nk, and Lil’ Kim. 17 years ago history was made when these four gals ganged up to create thee inimitable, and not to mention record breaking, earth shattering billboard records. Considered one of the greatest musique collaborations of all time the best collaboration of the century thus far—2001’s “Lady Marmalade,” is in much need of a return tribute performance for the sake of our musical sanities. Seeing that each are in tip top iconic shape theres no reason why not.

While there have been rumors of feuding between Aguilera and P!nk, Mya didn’t recall any major issues between the vocal prodigieswhile recording the song for the film Moulin Rouge! “I’m the mediator usually in situations. ‘Ah can we please keep the peace,'” Mya spilled.

“But no, I don’t remember any cat fights, we just got the job done. And we came to give a show at the end of the day. So it was a lot of fun and I really hope that we can reunite and do the song,” she furthured divulged.

Watch the full interview below love muffins!

"A Baeble NEXT Session With Haley Reinhart"

American Idol alum and all around powerhouse vocal prodigy Haley Reinhart strutted her way onto the online musique website "Baeble" for their edition of "intimate acoustic session." Catch all the far-out groovy vibes Haley brings during an interview along with her bandmate Dylan Chambers on guitar and background vocals. We get a luscious three-song set from her most recent third studio album, "What's That Sound?" A majority of it which are covers!

It echoes heydays of the late 60s, and her signature raspy jazz vocal texture we've grown so fondly off through the evolution of Haley's music career thus far.

Its Kelly Clarkson Power Hour!

If you don't love Kelly Clarkson, then you don't love yourself. It's as simple as that yall. Along with American Idol alumni's Fantasia, and Haley Reinhart, Kelly Clarkson rounds out the top 3 to our Favorite-Favorite All Time Favorites Holy Trinity gal group!

Kelly Clarkson joins Jimmy Fallon this week revealing she didn’t really know what she was signing up for when she joined the competitive singing reality show. The singer said she knew she needed money, so she joined in, not realizing it would be a T.V. show until somewhere around the third audition. Only Kelly yall, only Kelly Lol

“I was one of those dumb people who was just like, ‘where do I sign?” Kelly spilled hilariously. “It could’ve ended very poorly.”

Fallon also asked about her first encounter with Steve Carrell, who famously shouted her name in while screaming and shouting during a full-body waxing scene in 2005’s comedic film "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Clarkson said she was a big fan of Steve's and was genuinely confused at first but in thee end was inevitable flattered.

Jimmy also asked Kelly to play the hilarious Google Translate game, in which they translate tunes to a foreign language, then translate it back to English.

Come on get happy and press play carebears!

As part of their new series “Raising the Stakes,” Kathie Lee and Hoda decided to step out of their comfort zones by doing a blind audition for “The Voice” much to Carson Daly’s and Kelly's surprise! Lol

Amy Winehouse Demo 'My Own Way' Unleashes!

An unheard Amy Winehouse demo entitled 'My Own Way' has been unleashed to the world! Need we say more astral lovers...

"Almost seven years after her tragic death, one of Amy Winehouse’s unreleased first-ever demos has surfaced. The song “My Own Way” was recorded when she was just seventeen years old in 2001, as a way to gain attention from studios.

Early Amy Winehouse producer and composer Gil Cang said, “I’ve had it knocking about for so long. I found it again last week and thought – I’ll put it out there so people could hear it.”

The song was produced with co-composer James McMillan. They said she did the song in three takes, and had originally captured their attention when she came in the studio “wearing a pair of jeans with ‘Sinatra Is God’” written in marker on the butt, according to the Camden New Journal.

Amy Winehouse performs in London.
Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' Turns 10: A Look Back at Her Breakthrough Album
The song’s sound is notably different from her usual jazz renditions, a genre which she deeply revered and mirrored throughout her iconic career. “My Own Way” sways towards pop, while also edging towards well-done early 2000’s R&B, all with a voice that sounds young for Winehouse, but unimaginably mature for seventeen.

“It was at a particularly dire time in the pop world – lots of terrible, terrible girl bands and boy bands and we had to make something for them. Amy came in to see us, opened her mouth and just blew us all away,” Cang said.

The cut came two years prior to the release of her debut album Frank. Listen to “My Own Way” in full below." -


"I’ve never been in love before
Such a foolish thing to be
Seems to me the price is high
So I’ll keep my own company
And I’ll do what I want
When I feel

Watch them fall so easily
Temporary insanity
Some say that true love is blind
Me I like to clarify
While I
I just take
My own time
And I

I’ll go my own way
I walk when I wanna
Talk talk when I wanna
Finding my own way
I walk when I wanna talk talk
When I wanna

Seems to be illogical
Love that’s unconditional
Give your heart to someone else
But save a little for your self
That’s why I’m
I’m taking my own time
And I

I’ll go my own way
I walk when I wanna
Talk talk when I wanna
Finding my own way
I walk when I wanna
Talk talk when I wanna

Don’t get me wrong
It’s kinda cynical
But it scares though
So I’m careful with my heart
It’s the only one I got
I cannot
commit to that shit

Ill talk when I wanna
Finding my own way
I walk when I wanna
Talk talk when I wanna
I’ll go my own way
And I’ll walk when I wanna and tell u
When I wanna
My own way my own way
When I wanna when I wanna."

GCDS Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

"The GCDS campaign for Spring/Summer 2018 is at once a celebration of all the friends and memes GCDS created during the past seasons, as well as a new landscape to the celebration of the outsiders." -

LA-based director and photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is the perfect match with the GCDS world. Ironic and fresh the video campaign for SS18 is the perfect tool to create a splatter momentum where the stars Pamela Anderson dies on screen for the first time, surrounded by the many cameos such as – Brooke Candy, Leo Mandella, Caroline Vreeland, Lily Summer.

ALYX Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook

"The Spring/Summer 2018 collection, titled Halcyon Blvd, combines a technical and tactical influence with the fine fabrication and details of ALYX." -

Etro Fall/Winter 2018

"Etro presented its Fall/Winter 2018 collection during Milan Fashion Week." -

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