Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kelly Clarkson & Paris Send Valentino Kisses!

Stupid Cupid this year on San Valentino is specifically reserved and served fresh. With a glass of vino and a yummy cotton candy ethereal gem & the holograms motif is brought to you gals and gents by an unlikely parring of a duo for the sake and love of all season.

It's new legend vocal powerhouse icon Kelly Clarkson and original socialite debutant party gal heiress, Paris Hilton. Both pop tarts are debuting new singles and dishing about what their individual version of what Valentine’s Day should look like in the apple of their eyes!

Kelly uploaded the latest episode of her web series entitled Minute + A Glass Of Wine which featured assistance from the one and only, thee uncomparable, 8th wonder enigma of the wooooorld... a giant cut-out of Meryl Streep! Wonk wonk.

No, but really. Kelly not only brought her new HEARTBEAT SONG ;) but in natural Clarkson demeanor, she brought the jokes laughter and koo koo fun while explaining why she's even all alone to begin with on Valentine's Day. I'll tell you this nightingales, where there's smoke there's a Blake Shelton.

“We’re the couple that like forgets holidays anyway,” Kelly giggled about having her husband absent and for being kidnapped by Blakey. Her new tune is entitled  “I Don’t Think About You,”, while Paris Hilton is all about that  "I Need You" factor.

Dig it all out right below carebears.

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