Thursday, March 8, 2018

ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin Towkio - WWW.

We said it at the top of the new year that rapper hottie mctoddie Towkio was gonna take over the hip-hop game in 2018. It was only a matter of a couple months until he unleashed his nuevo record "WWW." Produced by legendary musique royalty gawd Rick Rubin, it's obvious that both artists intertwined their genius compatibilities impeccably. His heinous oversaw the release of Towkio's debut studio album on his "Rubin’s American Recordings label." Towkio is the freshest and most current artist to exhibit in the Rubin wing of commercially successful but yet artistically innovative faces.

WWW. stands for World Wide Wav, and it's the sequel to Towkio's previous independent effort unleashed back in 2015. His new tunes layout the rapper’s philosophical views on life, the butterfly effect theory, and everything else in between a burgeoning artist like himself tends to feel.

Towkio is that kinda hot sizzling friend who shows up to a hang out after having some yummy go-go-juice or after exhaling some flowery caterpillar greens and leads the night into an inevitable transcendent party. While everyone else (who we call bobbleheads) is checking the time every so often, snapping boring pictures, being peanut butter and jelly jealous and wondering why cats like Towkio and like mind company are having such a blast.

His innately gifted lyrical rhymes and authentic sexy presence is ready to take center stage and commercial dominance. Today flybots, we finally bring to you as always, our favorite-favorite most favorite tracks off WWW. Hailing from Chi-Town, born in 1993 to a Mexican mother and a Japanese father. Showcasing not only a beautiful blend of cultures within his DNA. His musical flavors are equally an adventurous mix of rap, '90s r&b/soul, pop and generally a plethora of pulsating beats that enchant and thrill.

Take an earful right below carebears!

"Drift" music video.


2 Da Moon.


Lose Me (I Don't Mind).

Hate To Love.

Hot Shit.


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