Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sinbad On Mo'Nique, His Distaste For Justin Timberlake And SOOOO Much More Enchanting & Tantilizing Talk!!!

God don't make many like that! Oh, Sinbad Sinbad Sinbad!!! How we adore and NEED souls and voices like yours in media, politics, social platforms, talk-show outlets, anywhere and everywhere.

Can someone just give Sinbad a weekly 30 min or hour-long co-segment show on a primetime network channel? Or call it "Breakfast With Sinbad", Lol.

The greatest moment of this interview comes when Sinbad finally adds more evidence and fire n' fuel to Justin Timberlake's deteriorating music career. He ripped Timberlake a whole new buttocks over that Prince "tribute" and his overall conniving calculated appropriating ways.

Scope out all the funny below!

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