Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sink Into Sudan Archives' Soulful, Unconventional “Nont For Sale” Musique Video!

A few months ago we did what we always do best, breaking new underground indie artists. Such was the case with Cincinnati-born, LA-based singer and violinist Brittney Parks, aka Sudan Archives.
Sudan is one of those authentic and extremely relevant and relatable artists who are born into this world with that visceral/ IT factor.

Her brilliant alternative-art, r&b/soul mid-tempo record "Nont For Sale" has been spinning non-stop for the last 2 months at headquaters and now we've received thee accompanying visuals to it! Off her sophomore EP Sink, Sudan blends impeccably experimental R&B electronic, African rhythmic sonics, and not to mention plenty of truth spilling lyrics.

Complete with backup dancers strutting numerous hairstyles and ensembles looking snatched and stellar like nobody business. Her opening lyrics on this song are a perfect double entendre for how this country has treated the well-intentioned, kind, empathetic and open-hearted individuals time and time again.

Strutting a style all her own, the video, co-directed by Sudan Archives herself and Ross Harris, is a minimal concept but like we said heavy and huge on the lyrical tip. It's poetic lyrics speak raw, truth-telling tales, that are usually manipulated into alternative, and labeled fake news. It is quite imperative and vital to have such honest righteous musicians in today's industry. Considering today's social climate, Sundan provides shelter and salvation when she sings such lyrics as:

"I don't like leeches
All that nonsense gon' get back with ya
Don't got time for snitches
You pulling me down
But you was my friend

[Verse 2]
My strings, propagate through space and time
Here and there and the same time
You ain't gotta be mad
Look deeper, go higher when you climb
But stay out of my path
But stay out of my flight path

Never feeling lonely or bored only ever gliding since day one
Flying, always being constantly reminded
Time is running out don't waste your luck
Sucker, this my life
Don't mix that up

This my life, don't block the sun
This is my seat, can't you tell
This my time, don't waste it up
This is my land, not for sale

[Verse 3]
You're tied to my memories cause they're so sweet
Mesmerised folks at my feet
If your loyal and righteous
Than and only than ill tell ya
Let's go to the top
Just you and me
As the sun highs, the fall takes over
A common African November."

‘Nont For Sale’ reminds us that our light is boundless, priceless and full of self-love. And when at our most confident, we can overshadow any toxic darkness that attempts to creep upon us. Like the last 10 years of our breaking new underground artists, dip below and dig out and prepare yourself for a life-changing soul binding yummy musical experience!

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