Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mr Gabriel's - "Tambourine" Is Missa Bombastic!

Allow us to introduce you carebears to Alternative/Rock/POP musician Mr Gabriel aka Gabe Simon by birth. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, Mr Gabriel has unleashed what we are already considering as a serious contender for Song of the Summer! The tune entitled "Tambourine" is hypnotically infectious from the moment the beat drops. And upbeat bubble pop electric energy that fully sends "Tambourine" onto a dance floor ready for cutting a rug. Upbeat, bouncy and hard to ignore, this ultimate dance hit is the latest release from Mr Gabriel and without a doubt is one of the best songs you'll hear today.

Distorted guitar riffs, gritty vocal leads, and raw and vintage feels, the following is a quote from the jazzy musician himself:

"Honestly, I usually write songs about two things: Love and how much I hate the Internet. But I also dislike paying taxes, because I still get shitty healthcare. So this ones a greaser for the man. Its alight-hearted fuck you. Anyways, when does it not feel good to admit you have no control and at least make yourself dance?" - Mr Gabriel

Get into the groove. Do your happy feet a favor and press play and shake your Tambourine!

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